Clinical Supervision


I have been supervising since 2010 on an individual as well as group basis.  My supervision model is psychosynthesis and I also draw upon Gestalt and psychodynamic models, in particular Jungian.  Having had two decades of counselling experience, I can enable you to explore your client's issues in a safe and effective manner.  I believe in looking at the soulful part of your clients, bringing their holistic whole to their awareness as well as yours in relation to them. 

I supervise supervisors as well as qualified and trainee therapists.  I have knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of differing approaches.  These include, Existential, Person-centred, Humanistic, Transpersonal, Psychodynamic, Integrative, Transactional Analysis, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology.

I have extensive experience in mental health which includes an NHS forensic background.  I have been involved in the mental health charity, Mind, since 2002 and I have been managing a team of 40 counsellors for over a decade, which includes clinical supervision.  This encompasses child protection issues, risk assessment, suicidal ideation and harm to self and others.

I also have vast experience working with different cultural backgrounds, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, alternative sexual lifestyles and with lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual and transgender individuals and couples.

I offer supervision face to face, via skype or telephone, fortnightly at £50 per 1 hour session or monthly for 1.5 hours at £75.