Group Therapy

People in group therapy come from all lines of work, ethnicity, gender, age (over 18), sexuality and spiritual belief systems.  You will be with a diverse group of people. As individuals who have different views on life, this can bring about beneficial learning on how to relate to others as relationships are complex.  When you join a group, you are often  brought together in a manner in which you may never have met under normal circumstances, which can bring rich learning within the group.  You learn so much about yourself through how you are with others.  Feedback from the group can be beneficial and the dynamics within a group can bring about energy and healing.  It can increase your confidence and self-esteem as you can find your voice and be empowered.

Type of Group Therapy

The type of group therapy that I facilitate is long term, closed groups.  This means that when the group reaches the maximum of 8 people, there is a waiting list to join when a space becomes available.  Sometimes the demand is so high that a new group may be formed from those on the waiting list.

Therapy groups are run by two therapists.

Fees and Process to Join

The process to join it to meet with us for an initial assessment for a one off fee of £50.  This is where we will find out as much as possible about you by asking you specific questions.  We can also ascertain whether group therapy may be suitable for you, rather than maybe individual or couple therapy.

If you decide to go ahead and join the group, you would be required to stay for a minimum of 8 sessions to get a sense of it prior to making a commitment to long term therapy.  As the therapy is open ended, it is up to you to decide when to leave.  This would need to be done carefully and a guidance to work towards an ending would be one month per year of being in the group.

Fees are £35 per session, which is for one and a half hours per week, at the same time and day, to be payable monthly in advance.  As a regular commitment is required, the cancellation policy is two weeks in advance or the full fee will be charged.

Please see below an example of group therapy, so you can get a feel for it:


     THERAPY               GROUPS          2021

Ouroboros image.jpg



Ouroboros Group Therapy is facilitated by Faye Austen-Young & Rebecca Buckley



After your training has ended, your transformation begins…

Are you longing for meaning and purpose in your life, in your practice, in your being?  Then Ouroboros group therapy could be for you.  This is a new psychotherapy group which will travel into your shadow, the archetypes that you embody; a place to explore your inner true existence.  Self can be illuminated within a group, bringing about soulful awareness. Through the process of transformation, you can allow introspection into your core being. The elixir of the group can help align your personality with the energy of the soul. 

Ouroboros therapy group for therapists, will commence on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 and every Tuesday thereafter from 9.00am – 10.30am online. 


This is a new group which will be commencing in Deal, Kent in the Summer of 2021. Please email for further details.


Come and find meaning to your experience.